Brivo Cloud Based Access Control Service

Brivo Access Control Cloud System

Know your employees, equipment, facility, documents and data are secure.
Protecting your employees without a lock down is important for their personal security while giving them the flexibility to enter the buildings without you being present at all times. Securing your facility with access control will prevent unauthorized trespassers and potential loss of valueable assets, such as computers, expensive hardware and/or equipment. Safeguarding employee/s, file/s, client information and company data can help you defend against costly information breaches and/or potential harm. The days of keys for building access are over and trying to manage your facility with key/s is a pain. Lock and Unlock your entire facility based on schedule or business hours. Make sure areas of your facility are only accessed by people with proper credentials in a simple to use cloud based interface. Track and account for employees as they enter your facility all hours of the day.
Master Integrators provide full service Brivo access control service on door/s with one or two factor credentials, keycode and/or tag/card credential required for building access. Master Integrators are trained to re use strikes, mag locks, readers, modules and credentials from older access control systems. All buildings require a onsite quote for access control and/or building control services by Master Integrators. Facilities must have someone to manage Brivo cloud system users and credentials onsite.