Cloud Based API Security Solutions

API = Application Programming Interface

Cloud based API security system solutions for burglar alarm, fire alarm, access control, video surveillance, GPS and more.

Cloud machine data is encrypted and triple redundant. Cloud based machines can be updated with more advanced firmware and software to avoid expensive future machine replacement. Engineering Teams continuously update and maintain machines while Master Integrators repair machines onsite if need be.

Cloud based machines will work with any OEM hardware from distribution. Cloud video machines will work all camera formats, analog CCTV, HD over Coaxial, and over 13,000 POE/IP surveillance cameras. POE cloud based access controllers can replace existing legacy access control system/s. The cloud systems are designed to work with existing Readers, Credentials, REX Motions, Buttons, Mag Locks and Strikes.

Master Integrators supports cloud based application programming interface machine solutions that are designed for future technology and can be updated for better function or operation.

Master Integrators cloud based API solutions are designed to replace any legacy security solution.

Master Integrators specializes in opportunity related to wholesale resale cloud security solutions for burglar alarm, fire alarm, access control, video surveillance, GPS and more.

Master Integrators private security partnership can help you or your organization be most profitable in the security system solutions industry.

Master Integrators specialize in helping obtain state license for trade. Master Integrators also trains individuals and organizations with solutions offered.

Master Integrators helps one go to market with solutions offered.

Full Service Enterprise Cloud Application Programming Interface Solutions for Burglar Alarm, Fire Alarm, Access Control, Video Surveillance, GPS and More.

Master Integrators is glad to support all full service private security and fire alarm independent integrators.