Cloud Video Surveillance

Eagle Eye Networks is next generation professional cloud video surveillance security camera monitoring service. Avenger Security provides FULL SERVICE professional cloud video surveillance camera solutions that outperform junky DVR and clunky NVR camera equipment applications. Eagle Eye Networks professional cloud video surveillance service has the critical storage redundancies that are needed in a professional security surveillance camera solution. Avenger Security will warranty Eagle Eye Networks cloud Bridge and all Eagle Eye Networks cameras both onsite and offsite for as long as you keep video surveillance services.

Reasons To Consider Cloud Video Surveillance.

  1. Cloud video surveillance solutions continue to improve. Engineering team continues to improve software and firmware within application programming interface. Cloud video surveillance has better analytic options: Line Crossing, Object Counting, Area Intrusion and Property Loitering
  2. Cloud video surveillance bridge solutions come with a Lifetime Warranty and cloud video bridge solutions are less expensive  than the  DVR/NVR option.
  3. Cloud video surveillance bridge equipment and work with all POE IP, analog or HD over coaxial video camera or CCTV formats.
  4. Cloud video surveillance is future designed to avoid having to replace cameras in future.
  5.  Cloud video surveillance data is triple redundant and highly encrypted.
  6.  Cloud video solutions can managed unlimited video surveillance feeds from multiple facilities in one application interface.
  7.  Cloud video surveillance can be integrated into cloud based access control and gate control solutions.
  8.  Cloud video surveillance supports at 720P, 1080 & 4K  or higher resolutions for 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 180 days, 1 year, 2 years, 3,4,5 up to 10 years.
  9.  Cloud Video Surveillance includes sound and video. Sound plays a critical role in environmental awareness and intentions.
  10.  Cloud Video Surveillance supports a private virtual private network into video camera settings remotely. Cloud video surveillance cameras can be adjusted and updated for better function and use: lenses can be focused and adjusted. License plates can be added to gate control.
  11.  Cloud Video Surveillance supports full remote control of Pan Tilt Zoom video cameras within application programming interface. Take full control of what the video surveillance camera to focus in on gates, construction yards or to follow suspicious activity from computer or smart phone from remote location.